Which One Makes You Scream?

Ice cream. There's so many to choose from, yet so few are actually really good. I have done my research. I've tried a lot of (store-bought) ice cream lately. Why? Just for you, of course!

I try to stick with companies that use better ingredients as a whole. I also buy the little pint sizes so I can sample more and still feel like I'm thinking "skinny."

Blue Marble Organic - right now, I feel I can take it or leave it. The strawberry flavor was too tart. But it's from Brooklyn and I want to like it because it's local and their ingredients are really well sourced. I also bought the coffee flavor for my husband to try (I don't like coffee flavored anything, sorry) and he said, "It's ok." We hope that there will be better opportunities for something good. We just didn't have a great experience with the particular flavors we tried.

Grater's - again, this depends on which flavor you try. I'm not a fan of their summer peach or strawberry flavors, but they do a tasty mint chocolate chip as well as chocolate chocolate chip. (I'm not repeating myself or being redundant, that's the real name "chocolate chocolate" chip.)

Talenti - I enjoy the mint chocolate chip better than any of their other offerings. Caribbean Coconut has a name that I don't understand as it talks about how the "Tender, moist shredded coconut is imported from the (WAIT FOR IT!!!!!) Philippines. Last I checked, that wasn't even in the same body of water, but I'll admit that I do like the gelato texture.

Steve's Ice Cream - My favorite of the bunch. I love love love the Strawberry Ricotta and Salty Caramel, -and even the Mexican Chili Chocolate piqued my interest. They have a great selection and I'm officially giving them my NYC Foodie Girl Seal of Goodness Approval.

Anyway, for now that's all I've tried. I'll continue to check in with all of you should I find some really great ice cream flavors.... It's just what I felt you, the reader, needed to know for right now. This is, after all, very timely information that is my responsibility to provide as a food blogger. ;) If you have a suggestion for me to do another product review, I'm listening. I'll any ice cream at least a chance at the fame!
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