A Celebration of Daniel's 20 Years: C'etait Magnifique

NYC Foodie Girl w/Daniel Boulud
Daniel Boulud celebrated 20 years this past weekend, with an exclusive invite-only event at his namesake restaurant on East 65th Street.
So many people were there, to include Sirio Maccioni, Martha Stewart, Francois Payard, and Chef Daniel Humm - that's really just a small sample as the guest list exceed 500 people.
Caviar Bar

I was certainly excited and honored to be a part of that crowd and hob nob with people that I may or may not have recognized outside of their normal day jobs.

Highlights included all of the Dinex restaurants on hand with a selection of their specialties, a tiered dessert extravaganza and a knock-em-dead caviar bar. And there was, of course, Chef Gavin Kaysen -Cafe Boulud's and The Food Network's latest Chopped star.
Oh yes, and there was wine.... a fantastic Pinot Noir was my favorite but I also enjoyed a mimosa as well. The brunch list was incredibly expansive - no doubt that the Daniel crowd knows how to throw a big party.
Charcuterie, Cheeses (complete with a dairy can fountain no less!), a shellfish station, crispy frogs legs, and even foie gras lollipops were everywhere! The event was as stylish as it was delicious.

Happy Anniversary, Chef Daniel - and many, many happy returns!

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