One can always better appreciate one's own grass when you get a chance to play in someone else's lawn, so to speak.
This week, I am traveling on business. I am in Minneapolis, MN.... yes, a far cry from my beloved city. It is brutal. I am not kidding.
I've dined at places that, for the most part, don't understand that salt should be used in moderation. It is my own fault that while at a baseball game I had two $1 hotdogs. (Yes, this was necessary as I was taking advantage of seeing the Twins while in town... because as a NY Mets fan, I can feel exceptionally proud that we are doing better than the Twin Cities!)
But that's where I've been.
When I can, I want to blog about so much! I attended Corkbuzz event with Chef Tien Ho at the helm, been to Recette and a wine tasting event courtesy of Zonin USA. Good stuff -and so little time.
I hope all of you are having much better culinary experiences than I am. I miss NY and all I want is a choinkwich from Big Gay Ice Cream - because I haven't had the pleasure YET.... (ALWAYS sold out!)!

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