Top 4 Asian Places I Have on My "Must Dine" List for 2012

I have a very non-imaginative way of selecting restaurants to go to, so I thought I'd blog about the top Asian places in NYC that I'd like to try, but haven't yet (for one reason or another).

1. RedFarm
After reading the New York Times' piece, I've never wanted my dumplings to stare at me, like I do now.

2. 456 Restaurant
I guess this place has something on Canal Street other than knock-off Gucci bags. According to Eater, they think it's a top 38. I'd like to see and taste for myself.

3. Danji
The appealing term for me when finding this restaurant was "Korean Tapas" - that alone makes it on this list. See what others say on MenuPages about the small plates of goodness.

4. Tori Shin
This is apparently a "hidden treasure" according to some other bloggers and even NY Magazine had only positive things to say about this UES Michelin star rated yakitori restaurant.

Did I miss any places that you think I need to list?

And please note: I KNOW that there is this other place called "Brooklyn" but I just have a hard time crossing the river to get there unless it is an absolute must!

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