February: A Good Month for More Chocolate

My Best Valentine. Ever.
Yes, I know it's past Valentine's Day.... but there's never a time to not talk about chocolate. Actually, I think I should capitalize the word, "Chocolate" because it is a proper. noun. Yes. That's better.
Let's talk about Chocolate, shall we?
My husband won the "best gift giver ever" award this year when he gave me the most enormous box of Vosges Chocolates I have ever seen. It was the trifecta of heart shaped boxes: it had the purple color, it was huge and it was full of Chocolates from one of my favorite chocolatiers.
And trust me, there are many favorites... but this one is a top five of all time. Anyone who can serve up a truffle with dark Chocolate and BACON -and taste like heaven gets my vote!
And as if it weren't enough, he also gave me a box from the lovely La Maison du Chocolat. (It's fun just to say that over and over again.) It's my favorite tiny box of Chocolates, but it cost more than the large, mondo-heart from Vosges! 
(Is that a NYC thing? To have everything so over-priced that you have to hope you can make next month's rent payment if you buy it?)
Maybe, so. It didn't matter.
I had TWO boxes of Chocolate from my sweetie and one body to consume it. I shared a little, but I'm not sure about the lasting holistic effects of all this candy-filled goodness... -it was a very good way to show me he loves me and hopefully he doesn't care that now I need to go clothes shopping for some comfy "mom jeans". I think I will go for some stretchy material to accommodate the extra confection that is now my butt.

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