Big Gay... Butter... Arepas

Since I'm still out of the NYC area and not returning until tomorrow, this is hard to even write about... because I'd much rather be eating better cuisine that our city offers than what I'm going to consume tonight (catfish).

Yes, the joys of fried catfish... served with choice of potato and a side salad that is no doubt made with iceberg lettuce (as a sidebar: I have a hate-hate relationship with the crispy watery greens, as there's no flavor, no need to eat the junk) --this is the standard fare in the Midwest. I'm not saying it is bad, because I do like catfish to some extent... but the amount of fried foods that one can order here far exceeds anything else. I swear, everything is fried here. I bet a "fried salad" is in the works somewhere, too.

Anyway, as I sit here tonight, I know that in less than 24 hours, I'll be ordering some of my favorites on 7th Street on the LES, so I can pick them up en route from LGA. I'll order m main cuisine at Caracas Arepa Bar and desserts from Butter Lane and Big Gay Ice Cream. It will be quite the homecoming. A feast for the Gods!  

In fact, the whole street is God-like. After all, I met my husband on 7th Street. That was an "Oh my God!" experience in and of itself.... but that's not the topic of this blog, so we'll keep that commentary for either another day, or another blog... maybe another forum all together!

Either way, I'm happy to be headed home tomorrow - I cannot wait for tomorrow's mouthwatering morsels...

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