Where Not To Go For a Business Lunch in Manhattan

This is the way Salute' should stay: EMPTY.
I've been to Salute' before, and enjoyed my meal for the most part, but the place is almost always too loud for lunch and has a pompous FOH and waitstaff. However, this particular business lunch reservation was incredibly poor -from service, to food, to ambiance, -beginning to end. Service was sporadic, we waited a long time just for water to arrive. The order was taken slowly and then the food had ZERO flavor when it finally arrived. It was questionable if the meat was really meat or a "chicken log" along with a salad. NOT good!! Yes, I said LOG, not chicken LEG. Yes, it was a LOG, people! A rolled-out, flattened with a flat-iron, falafel-looking piece of colorless material. (BUT it DID make a great "tweet" and "twitpic" for my guests who were visiting from Atlanta!)
Overall presentation and taste were horrific. What a bad experience. Will not return, even if it IS very close to my office. It was embarrassing to take a business lunch there. And this is what they think of Italian cuisine in NYC now.... Oh the inhumanity!
That only happens ONCE to me....to be embarrassed by a restaurant. No take-backs. So long, Salute'.
270 Madison Avenue # 1
New York, NY 10016-0601


  1. I have never seen a restaurant rated -4; that has to be BAD.

  2. It was the chicken LOG that sent them into the black hole of restaurant astronomy....

  3. If this is where you shouldn't go...here is where you should! Found this list and can't wait to try all the restaurants on it! Woo hoooo http://www.modernluxury.com/manhattan/ill-have-what-theyre-having


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