Back to Business as Usual - What Else?

Glad that I made a point to go to Momofuku Ssam Bar last night -in spite of the recent Hep A scare.

The food there is always fresh and incredibly well prepared. Guess what? It was even fresher than usual. Ssam wasted NO time getting their employees tested, vaccinated and well cared for -not to mention what they did to scrub the restaurant down to the cleanliest level its ever seen. Everything consumable was thrown out - and new was ordered.

David Chang and his employees went above and beyond to make Ssam one of the greatest eateries in the East Village. Don't let people tell you otherwise - this place was packed with people on Tuesday night and I'm proud I was there to enjoy my spicy sausage and rice cakes with some red wine, recommended by their wine director. Life is just tooooooo good. Enjoy it!

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