Listen Up! NYCFG Has Gone.... Digital!

First off: THANK YOU. Thank you for being a reader of NYCFG.
I appreciate that you're here.

I think this blog still provides some relevant entries for readers to peruse - but let's face the mustard: I've gone digital.

I'm producing a podcast, The VP List, which talks about a variety of topics. Food, travel, content creation - all things, and the #Top3Things you need to know.

Hope you'll give me a listen on any platform you might listen to a podcast (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more - links below) -and be sure to sign up for my list to be "on the (VP) List" too: (unsubscribe anytime).

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Ahoy There, NYC Foodies!

I've lived in NYC now for 10 years. So trust me when I say, it's a wonderful, rare occasion where I can truly be a tourist for the day in my own city!

I was recently invited to take a food tour of Chinatown and Little Italy with Ahoy NY Tours & Tasting....

If you follow my Twitter feed, you would have seen a play-by-play of the tour.

If you didn't get a chance to see, PLEASE take a look at a fun and incredibly tasty idea to spend some time exploring this great city with Ahoy NY Tours & Tastings - they have a lot of different options to check out.

Oh! And know that I'm also working on a new PODCAST (which includes more info about my experiences with the tour!) for this website and am working on some technical issues - so stay tuned!

The One Place in NYC for the BEST Spices & Teas

Image result for kalustyan's
I really miss being closer to this treasure trove, but no matter where you're located in the city, it's worth a visit. (Even if you can't pronounce the name 100% correctly...!)

Kalustyan’s is located in Manhattan's "Curry Hill" area at 123 Lexington Avenue.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Kalustyan’s may just be **the** best international spice market -ever.

Operating out of the same shop since 1944, they seem to stock every spice, grain, cracker, tea and chutney IMAGINABLE in the world from India to Italy, along with just the right implements, whether it be a tagine, chai teapot or an incense burner.

It’s a certainly a foodie mecca, not just for the seemingly infinite varieties of foods and international kitchen tools, but for the outstanding middle-eastern/mediterranean nosh served at their cafe upstairs.

Once you get to Lex between 28th and 29th Streets, just follow your nose to that wonderful, wonderful aroma that is Kalustyan’s!

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