Remember to Think Local

Hello from Quarantini
Hello from Quarantini.... That's what I choose to call this space right now. It's a weird time for New York City -especially when I choose to turn off most all of the news outlets. I ask Alexa each day what the weather forecast is for the day - so I really don't need to engage the TV outside of content that I really want to watch.
There's some real empowerment in that, believe me.
What I wanted to call attention to - because this is, after all, a food blog, is that now is a time to please remember the local restaurants.
Those small restaurants and caf├ęs that are still open, ready to offer free contactless delivery or pick-ups.
They need us.
Since I don't cook, I need them, too.
Above all, remember to stay safe, be well, and please wash your hands.

Listen Up! NYCFG Has Gone.... Digital!

First off: THANK YOU. Thank you for being a reader of NYCFG.
I appreciate that you're here.

I think this blog still provides some relevant entries for readers to peruse - but let's face the mustard: I've gone digital.

I'm producing a podcast, The VP List, which talks about a variety of topics. Food, travel, content creation - all things, and the #Top3Things you need to know.

Hope you'll give me a listen on any platform you might listen to a podcast (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more - links below) -and be sure to sign up for my list to be "on the (VP) List" too: (unsubscribe anytime).

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Ahoy There, NYC Foodies!

I've lived in NYC now for 10 years. So trust me when I say, it's a wonderful, rare occasion where I can truly be a tourist for the day in my own city!

I was recently invited to take a food tour of Chinatown and Little Italy with Ahoy NY Tours & Tasting....

If you follow my Twitter feed, you would have seen a play-by-play of the tour.

If you didn't get a chance to see, PLEASE take a look at a fun and incredibly tasty idea to spend some time exploring this great city with Ahoy NY Tours & Tastings - they have a lot of different options to check out.

Oh! And know that I'm also working on a new PODCAST (which includes more info about my experiences with the tour!) for this website and am working on some technical issues - so stay tuned!

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