Constance Cooks Up Some Competition

Constance Cooks is a web show about a web cooking show.

This is a project that is near and dear to me; it's about food AND it includes a cast and crew of people I truly adore. So it's a combo of food and Art. Themes that really, truly belong together.

What I find even more impressive is that my thespian friends are not just doing a same-ol' basic Kickstarter or Seed & Spark campaign to raise money for their production. Nope! They are going right to the heart -rather, the stomach of the matter, by putting together a delicious Lasagna Bake Off!

Check this vid for a "taste" - (see what I did there?!)

You can enter as a competitor, be a judge or.... be like me: a MASTER JUDGE - (which gets you some extra perks AND is a tax deductible contribution!). 

Tickets help support the Arts AND your feed your hunger all at once. 

The competition is being compared to the Lasagna Olympics. With Booze! Hello? What's not to love?

Read all the deets here and get those tickets:

P.S. I will also be interviewing the star of the show very soon for NYCFG... stay tuned and hungry my friends!

Learn About BonBons and Why You Need Some RIGHT Now

Consistently delicious.

This is an expression to accurately describe Neuhaus Chocolates.

For someone that has been accused of "sitting on the couch eating bonbons"- I feel like this is something near and dear to my heart! I love chocolates! Interestingly enough, most people don't actually know what a bonbon is!

The name “bonbon” steams from the French word "bon", which means "good”, like the expression, Bon App├ętit. Put a "bon" and a "bon" together and you've got something doubly delicious! Bonbons are sweet confections that can stand alone, but instead get dipped in chocolate at the very end of the candy making process. This creates a thin layer of chocolate around the candy instead of the thicker shell; therefore, bonbons have less chocolate and more filling.

I was pretty excited to find out that Neuhaus introduced an amazing BONBON COLLECTION. (It's like it called my name!) Using only all-natural ingredients, Neuhaus’s imported BonBons come in 5 handcrafted flavors, all enrobed in rich dark or milk chocolate: Moelleux, Salted Caramel, Cookies, Crunchy Nut and Gianduja Nougat.

Each BonBon comes wrapped in a different vibrantly-colored foil, which I'm not going to lie: they are gorgeous and absolutely delectable. Each little, individually wrapped bonbon is perfectly portable, and brings sweetness to any moment, any place.

And pro-tip:
It's a perfect gift when you're thinking of what to bring a party host -or let's face it, it's nice to just to treat yourself, too!

Of course, you might want to pair the BonBons with a with sparkling wine or Champagne, a rare dessert wine, brandy, liqueur, Prosecco, port, sherry, and whisky and you have the perfect decadent treat.

I know I enjoyed living the true life of sitting on the couch eating bonbons all day, but doing it for a purpose: to encourage all of you to try some consistently delicious chocolates! You NEED some of these in your life right now.

In NYC, you can find a few locations. Check out their website for one near you!

Interesting facts about Neuhaus:
In 1875 Jean Neuhaus settled in Brussels and opens a pharmacy in the prestigious Galerie de la Reine. He made a name for himself by innovatively covering his medicines in a layer of chocolate to make them more palatable. 142 years later, Neuhaus is the market leader in the luxury chocolate sector in Belgium. The company currently has over 1,000 sales outlets in 50 countries, and six stores in New York alone. It is one of the few chocolate companies still manufacturing in Belgium.

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